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Sand Spreaders



B2300 Sand Spreader

  • Fully adjustable gate to allow spreading up to 50mm thick.
  • Even distribution of products.
  • Long life conveyer belt.
  • No major maintenance expenses.
  • This model is suitable for using a Quad Bike.
  • Single axle model, Using the POWERPAK unit.


B2300 / B2350 Series Sand Spreaders have been in use for the past 20 years on golf courses and sports fields around New Zealand and are of well proven design. They are user friendly, very little maintenance required. Come in 4 different models, are well balanced and can be towed by 4WD Quad bikes to medium sized tractors. They can use the tractors own hydraulics or can have its own power pack fitted with electronic controls from the towing vehicle. They have a moving belt that delivers the material through a control gate at the bottom of the hopper to a rotating broom which delivers the material evenly to the playing surface leaving no lumps or ridges.


Sand Spreaders

B2350 Sand Spreader

Soil Spreaders

B2150 Soil Spreader

Bowling Green Rollers

B2200C Bowling Green Roller